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    16.November.2013 by jordan scovel

    Welcome to my website.  Here you will find all things Jordan.  If you want to see what I’m working on…check …
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#MamasanaChallenge, day 1, chair pose. a rare moment for myself. I continue to move slowly into my body at 11 weeks postpartum. it all feels foreign and unfamiliar. this whole journey is so new. there's a lot of the same everyday but there's also so many new moments. smiles, coo's, spit ups, poops, discovering hands, a new cry. it's amazing. we're growing into our new normal. first we were individuals, then we were a pair and now we're parents. happy anniversary to the guy who makes me stronger every day. I'd choose you every time. @roryscovel day 14, cobra. slowly, slowly. slowly i work my way back into my body. stealing time where i can. #babybouncebackchallenge

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