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I recently updated my reel. Enjoy!

2016 reel

Jordan Scovel 2016 Reel from jordan boughrum scovel on Vimeo.

A short that Rory and I worked on with our friend Dan. I’m really proud of this one – it’s silly and fun! And getting into festivals!

The No Look Dunk from Dan Samiljan on Vimeo.

A short Rory and I did with David Shane last year.

The One from B Negative on Vimeo.

Another short Rory and I did with David Shane! If you pay attention, most of these featured actors have been in pretty funny commercials this year!

SECOND THOUGHTS from B Negative on Vimeo.

My first National Commercial for BNY Mellon with Rhea Pearlman!  (I got to work with Carla, guys!!)

I was really fortunate and lucky to be part of this season of TBS’s show GROUND FLOOR.  It was a ton of fun being green, if you were wondering!

Here’s my ‘My Krazy Ex’ episode…I think I got crazy on lockdown!

I’m so excited!  I have a new reel with recent footage – enjoy!

Jordan Scovel HD Reel from jordan boughrum scovel on Vimeo.

this was a cooking project my husband and i made. i hope we do more. i love to cook and show folks how simple it can be!

here’s a sketch i did with some friends and rory.  sometimes art imitates life, or is it life imitates art?

my choppy reel!

Horizon Vocational Tech: Mark & Rebecca

flashbulbs pop

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holy sh*t, this is the biggest black widow I have ever seen. on our front banister, nonetheless @jmproctor and I took a little break from all of the hard work we were doing at @brownledgecampvt yesterday. It was lovely. I am so thankful that I was able to participate in the Brown Ledge Stock company's performance of TALK RADIO. It was a wild ride to get back on the stage where I fell in love with acting and to be surrounded by amazing friends and such a supportive community. I love this place. I adore the people. #brownledgecamp #brownledge #campold the original 👯?
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