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    16.November.2013 by jordan scovel

    Welcome to my website.  Here you will find all things Jordan.  If you want to see what I’m working on…check …
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whoa catch up pt.2: day 24 take up space - I fall, I fall almost every time, it makes me giggle. day 25 I woke up like this. I did, granted I had gone for a walk, had my coffee and put my daughter down for a nap, but, yeah? day 26 moon me (with a half moon) like before, when you feel it and can float, it's oh so wonderful. day 27 bridge. yummy, juicy bridge. I didn't have a block or I would have done it all supported, this is actually one of my favorite supported poses I practice.  #feelbetterinyourbody @onedowndog @beyondyoga @cucciosomatology @ybicoalation @lovemoremovement whoa catch up: day 20 the big bend, I love a good inversion/forward fold. I also love headstands, when I was pregnant I was so sad that I couldn't do headstands (tho I did do a few..). day 21 eagle pose, I love it and I hate it. there are times when I can just twist up and sink in and other times I'm a wobbly mess. day 22 - it's a big deal - she is. she's the silliest little lady, she's just started fake laughing and it's hilarious. this is her first down dog and it makes me so happy. day 23 dancer pose, I love flying when you can it's the best sensation to be rooted and floating.  #feelbetterinyourbody @onedowndog @beyondyoga @cucciosomatology @ybicoalation @lovemoremovement and they say cursive is a thing of the past!  look, i wrote a novel! happy anniversary to the most wonderful man in the world. together we can do anything - we made this beauty after all!