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    16.November.2013 by jordan scovel

    Here you will find all things Jordan.  If you want to see what I’m working on…check out the “working on” …
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startin' early Hey world!!! Look at this! ✨Tomorrow is the big day. @roryscovel's stand up special is being released on @netflix !! It was produced by @thirdmanrecords and directed by @scottmoran9876 and shot by @visitinglights I'm so proud of all of it. Watch it. I'm sure you'll fall in love as much as I have (and do on a regular basis), but he's taken, just so we're clear. This man is an amazing Dad. I'm in awe sometimes with how e looks at him, she's so inspired to be the goofy girl she is because he's always silly and making her laugh. She loves her daddy a whole heck of a lot. I do too. We're all pretty lucky to have found each other. ✨✨ when your neighbor gives you 6+ lbs of really ready apricots, you make jam, because it's Friday....hope it doesn't overflow!