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    16.November.2013 by jordan scovel

    Here you will find all things Jordan.  If you want to see what I’m working on…check out the “working on” …
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someone took this at camp last weekend, getting up before 6am was so worth it with these two ladies✨ The hardest part was putting that second foot up on the beam, once up, it was incredible. @chaninicholas said in her new moon blessing 'May this new moon imbue us with the psychic, emotional and spiritual strength needed to step into our power. Name what is true for us. Reclaim what we have rejected within us. So that we might integrate a little more of ourselves into our lives, this moment and this world.' step up. ✨ there’s a new moon in Scorpio this week and as i reflect on this past weekend this spoke so much truth to me - ‘Feeling witnessed helps me to trust my process.’ - i was witnessed this weekend. i was supported this weekend. i TOOK UP SPACE this weekend. i found people i didn’t know i needed. i f*cking flew this weekend. thank you ✨ Off to the woods for @campowerment for the weekend! Nervous excited for going to camp 💖💖 (borrowed this shot from @mlmrtravel! It’s beautiful!!)