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    16.November.2013 by jordan scovel

    Welcome to my website.  Here you will find all things Jordan.  If you want to see what I’m working on…check …
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REGISTER!!!!!! day 30 - fin - shavasana. rest. take it however you can. remember to treat yourself to a few minutes off of your feet. I traveled solo w. e all day, she's finally taking a nap and I'm finally relaxing w. my husband. must needed respit. #feelbetterinyourbody @onedowndog @beyondyoga @cucciosomatology @ybicoalation @lovemoremovement whoa catch up to the end!: day 28, shoulder stand - ooohhh feel it. I always think 'reach, reach, reach' with my toes while I'm in a shoulder stand. Sometimes I flex, sometimes I point, depends on what I'm feeling. Day 29 - feelin' it... it's all about this little one and what she gets me to feel ... which is EVERYTHING. I'm in awe all the time by her and how curious she is to explore and understand the world. I'm madly in love. #feelbetterinyourbody @onedowndog @beyondyoga @cucciosomatology @ybicoalation @lovemoremovement 'good luck, daddy' thinking about @roryscovel while he shoots his next special in Atlanta. ✨✨