Physical | Belinda | AppleTV+
The Movie Show | Wade’s Mom (3 ep.) | SyFy
| Karen (3 ep.) | Comedy Central
Arrested Development | Juror (1 ep.) | Netflix
Please Understand Me | Jordan (1 ep.) | Facebook
Ground Floor | Kathy (1 ep.) | TBS
Those Who Can’t | Pam (1 ep.) | TruTv

Touches (short) | Jennifer Wilson | dir. Charles Doan, L.A.
The Exploding Girl
  |  Dance Extra  |  Soandbrad, Parts and Labor, MBS Productions, dir. Bradley Rust Gray, NYC
Flashbulbs Pop (short)|  Monica  |  Elizabeth Barker, NYC
Multiverse (short)**  |  Girl | WITfilms

Second Thoughts (short)  |  Velpecula | B Negative, David Shane, L.A.
The No Look Dunk (short) | Chelsea | Thanks A Million!, Dan Samiljan, L.A.
Is There?: Todd Glass for GLSEN | Party Guest | 11x 1 Pictures, dir. Ellen Houlihan, L.A.
The One
(short)  |  Woman  | B Negative, David Shane, NYC
My Krazy Ex  |  Katie Hart  |  MoonHill Productions, A. Bain, L.A.
Doing Good With Mark Wahlberg  |  Mom |, Dan Van Kirk, L.A.
Couples Therapy  |  Wife  |  Little Things, Morgan Jay, L.A.
Interview Date (short)**  |  Becca  |  Mike Lemke, L.A.
HIV PSA (short)  |  Young Girl  |  Peter Herro, L.A.
RADAR ep. 37 – Jay Shells (short)  |  Chicken Wing Lady |, NYC
W.U.H.S.  |  Darla, Principal  | Royal Mutt, dir. Matthew Olsen, L.A.
Horizon Vocational Tech  |  Rebecca  |  Adam Sacks, NYC
Annoy Charlie Smith (web-series)  |  Chairperson of the Board  |  Seaton Smith, DC
a racist movie  |  White Girlfriend,  |  Seaton Smith, DC

available upon request

Talk Radio | Bobbie Champlain | Brown Ledge Stock Co., VT/Lisa Buxbaum
Bottom of the World  |  Gina/Sally  |  The Vagrancy, L.A.
The God Particle (Reading)  |  Carrie  |  The Vagrancy, L.A.
A Song for a Surfer (Reading)  |  Koa  |  The Vagrancy, L.A.
The Actual Moment in Time Bob Rogers Found Love (Reading)  |  Martha  |  The Vagrancy, L.A.
Brooklyn Underground  |  Ensemble  |  The Artful Conspirators, NYC
The Book of Liz  |  Sis. Butterworth/C. Cole/Dr. Ginley  |  Piper Theater Prod., NYC
Julius Caesar  |  Cassius/Dardinius/Citizen #1  |  Bushwick Shakespeare Rep., NYC
The Cherry Orchard  |  Anya  |  Columbia MFA Dir. Program, NYC
As You Like It  |  Touchstone  |  Bushwick Shakespeare Rep., NYC
Romeo and Juliet  |  Nurse  |  Bushwick Shakespeare Rep., NYC
Love & War  |  Ensemble  |  Capital Fringe Festival, DC
The Juliet Project  |  Juliet/Ensemble  |  Studio Theatre Directing Workshop, DC
Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding  |  Black Staff  |  Rio Hotel + Casino, Las Vegas, NV
School for Scandal  |  Lady Teazle  |  Wittenberg University, OH
Noises Off  |  Brooke/Vicki  |  Brown Ledge Stock Co., VT
The Importance of Being Earnest  |  Miss Prism  |  Wittenberg University, OH
All My Sons  |  Anne Deever  |  Wittenberg University, OH
The Foreigner  |  Catherine  |  Brown Ledge Stock Co., VT
Dancing at Lughnasa  |  Rose  |  Wittenberg University, OH
Hay Fever  |  Sorel Bliss  | Wittenberg University, OH
Wiley and the Hairyman  |  Wiley  |  Brown Ledge Camp, VT

Scene Study, Los Angeles:
w. Myra Turley
Actor’s Lab, Los Angeles: w. Rana Joy Glickman
On-Camera Intensive, Telsey + Co., NYC: w. Tiffany Little Canfield
NY Neo-Futurists Basic Training, NYC: w. Sarah Levy and Lusia Strus
Stage Combat 101(hand-to-hand), NYC: w. Nathan Decoux
UCB Theatre, NYC:  Zach Woods (Improv 401), Silvija Ozols (Improv 301), Porter Mason (Improv 201) and Bobby Moynihan (Improv 101); performed on a long-form indie team from 2007-2009
Washington Improv Theater, DC:  Ken Hays, Mark Chalfant; performed on a house team from 2005-2007
Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory, DC:  Kate Debelack (Principals of Realism) and John Emmert (Char. & Emotion)
Wittenberg University, OH:  Bachelor of Arts – Theatre, Dr. Corwin Georges, Jimmy Humphries and Dr. Steven Reynolds

Special Skills  Fearlessness, ear for dialects (British: Standard & RP, Cockney, Irish, Southern), improv comedy, yoga, cooking, can raise eyebrows separately, comfortable using power tools, basic carpentry skills, basic hand-to-hand stage combat, basic knowledge of puppetry, can touch tongue to nose, multi-task extraordinaire, driver’s license (standard and automatic), work extremely well with children, and an avid coffee drinker – read obsessed.

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