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I’m Jordan, I’m an actress and I live in Los Angeles, California.  I love performing.  I’ve been doing theater most of my life and am transitioning into doing film and television.

I love food.  I love to cook it, bake it, eat it, watch it, talk about it and do anything that includes it.  I love food blogs and think in another life I must have been a chef or something involving a kitchen, like a butchers block….

Thanks for coming to the site & if you want to contact me, here’s a few ways how!

If you’re interested in working with me, please contact my Agent:
Jennifer Garland at Circle Talent
401 Wilshire Blvd.
12th Floor Penthouse
Santa Monica, CA  90401

Here’s how to follow or email me!  I love emails and tweets, so let’s be friends!

Email: jordan (dot) scovel (at) gmail (dot) com

My blog this girl does stuff is here.  It’s a cooking/inspiration place I created..that hasn’t been updated in a second.

My husband is a stand-up comedian, his website is here.  He’s an inspiration to me on a daily basis.


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